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Welcome to our website!




Terra Altrix Foundation
is a non-profit organization.

   Its name is in latin, which means 

motherland or homeland.




  •  Our foundation organizes promotion programs  for healthy lifestyle.
  • We also organize events and presentations which draw attention to the importance of prevention.
  • The presentations are held by health professionals.


We wish to promote folk art techniques among children which are based on traditional Hungarian crafts and workshops and use natural materials. The techniques learnt on these workshops mean a useful pastime activity for young people and also help in keeping the values of Hungarian folk art. Professionals and craftsmen teach various techniques. Volunteers, teachers and enthusiastic young people help us to publicize the folk art and crafts.




Albert Schweitzer's Ethics of Respect for Life


“…. become the adventurers of devotion because  there are too little of them in the world..."

"Create an avocation for yourselves - he tells them -, an invisible, maybe secret avocation. Open your eyes and search for those people or companies who are in need of a little kindness, some compassion, a good conversation or some work. Maybe you will mean a lot to a lonely, desperate, ill or awkward person who can even be an old man or a child. Or a noble company which needs volunteers who can sacrifice an evening and are able to deal with little issues. Who would be able to list those application areas where a "human resource" could be useful. This is what is needed everywhere. Thus seek the possibilities where your humaneness can be fruitful. Don't be afraid if you have to wait or experiment. Keep your perseverance even if you fail. Don't overlook any situations in which you can help your fellows.
You will surely find it if you really want to..."




Civils For Health – Gold Award 2009







Health Promotional Programs


  • Drog prevention consultation for all ages.
  • Presentations related to lifestyle and nutritional advice:
    Do For Your Health Today!
  • Smoking dishabituate courses:  Step By Step!
  • Stress relief courses: Smarter People Live Shorter Lives!
  • First aid courses:  What Can I Do In Case Of Emergency?
  • Baby First Aid courses for young mothers, camp leaders, kindergartens and schools.
  • We start the courses with at least 10 candidates.

Check In And Coordinate:
Éva, Mrs. Sztacho
phone: +36-30-663-1256